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The present study was aimed to investigate the antiurolithiatic potential of ethanolic extract of leaves of Ixora pavetta (Andr) in invitro method. The expected outcome was tested on the artificial urine of pH that is equal with urine of human and tested for the Calcium oxalate crystallization was induced by the addition of 0.01M sodium oxalate solutions in artificial urine. The Invitro Antiurolithiatic activity of ethanolic extract of Ixora pavetta was investigated by measuring the turbidity of various concentrations like (50μgm/ml, 100μgm/ml, 150μgm/ml, 200μgm/ml, and 250μgm/ml) in synthetic urine, by using UV/Visible spectrophotometer at 620 nm after incubating them for 10 minutes and microscopically under microscope equipped with digital camera at 10X. The results of the present study showed the dose dependently inhibition of calcium oxalate (CaOx) crystallization in the synthetic urine which was evident from the spectroscopic as well as in the Microscopical studies. It was concluded that the Antiurolithiatic activity of Ixora pavetta was possibly mediated through inhibition CaOx crystals in the synthetic urine. But, further in vivo preclinical studies are required to confirm its potential as Antiurolithiatic in terms of clinical use.

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