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The anti-inflammatory activity was studied against carrageenan induced hind paw oedema, formalin induced hind paw oedema in rats, whereas the analgesic activity of Terminalia alata was evaluated by acetic acid induced writhing test and eddy’s hot plate method. The methanol extract of Terminalia alata bark (TAM) was administered at the concentrations of 250 and 500 mg/kg body weight. TAM showed significant anti-inflammatory activity by reducing the oedema volume in carrageenan induced paw oedema. TAM has anti-inflammatory activity (which is less than standard group) in formalin induced paw oedema rats. TAM-250 and TAM-500 groups produced a significant and dose dependent inhibition of analgesic effect produced by acetic acid. TAM (TAM 500, 250) showed significant increases the latency for jumping or licking in rat. Terminalia alata bark may be a potential preventive or therapeutic candidate for the treatment of inflammation (both acute and chronic inflammation), pain.

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