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Seaweeds have various valuable bioactive compounds of interest in the field of pharmaceutical and biomedical. In the present study, hepatoprotective activity of Enteromorpha linza (L.) J.Ag. collected from Hare Island, Thoothukudi in the south east coast of Tamil Nadu, India was screened. Dry powdered plant materials were subjected to methanolic extract at the dose of 200mg/kg and 400mg/kg body weight. Methanolic crude extract showed potential significant hepatoprotective activity in both doses. Among the two concentrations of methanolic extract studied, 200mg/kg methanolic extract was identified to show more active as compared to 400mg/kg methanolic extract. The results showed for the first time that Enteromorpha linza (L.) J.Ag. showed hepatoprotective activity, a property that could lead to the application in one of many useful health care

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